Creative Experiences and the Netflix Model

From the December issue of Rock Magazine. The role of creativity in marketing There is no doubt about the contribution of creativity to marketing effectiveness. Brand size and creativity are [...]


Strategy Models for Marketers (and Content Marketers)

When requested to design a marketing strategy to overcome a specific problem, we (marketers) often confuse goals with strategy. We start with goals, and we stop with goals - without [...]

Introduction to Content Marketing: my lecture at LSBU

Here is the deck I’ve virtually presented earlier today at the London South Bank University. It’s in pdf format (videos have been removed). If you have any questions, just drop [...]

Content Marketing Techniques for Internal Comms: My Webinar At CMA’s Learning Series

"Every business has at least three target audiences: customers, prospects and employees.” Whether we work for a large enterprise or a small start-up, internal communication is a critical function. Especially [...]