Strategy Models for Marketers (and Content Marketers)

When requested to design a marketing strategy to overcome a specific problem, we (marketers) often confuse goals with strategy. We start with goals, and we stop with goals - without [...]

A personal list: companies that treat employees or customers like shit during Coronavirus pandemic

This list doesn't pretend to be comprehensive (sigh) and has no other objective of being just a very personal collection - and a subset of my longer article about Content [...]

How Content Experience Will Evolve During & After Coronavirus

Coronavirus will increase the need for digital content experiences; but marketers should act responsibly and go long-term. One year ago, it was early spring 2019, I was invited to prepare [...]

Introduction To The Buyer Journey: My Webinar At CMA’s Learning Series

The difference between yesterday’s marketing vs. modern marketing primarily resides in the time, energy, effort and budget spent between the top, middle and bottom of the buyer’s journey. In yesterday’s [...]