In the past few years I’ve been assigned a few awards, all in the marketing category, which is what anyone should expect from me, considering what I do (exactly that – marketing, branding, content stuff).

Onalytica, Traackr, Market Recruitment, all those fall under the category of professional achievements.

This year something different happened. WinTrade Global, an organisation that has supported, mentored, celebrated and profiled thousands of women in business from small business owners to women in corporate structures, has assigned a very personal award – I am their “man of the month” (MofM). I assume it is about my involvement with WTG operations, the support and advice I’ve provided, the rebranding I’ve facilitated.

I don’t really know if that was the right choice; I don’t think I’ve done enough. But I know that it makes me feel good. Being awarded MotM, me, a white man, by an organisation that helps women, often vulnerable and belonging to minorities, well, this give me the feeling that maybe something I’ve done is right.

Here is the LinkedIn post. And here the full interview.

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