Moldy burgers

Moldy Whopper
Moldy Whopper

Not my intention to foster the (growing) debate about the new Burger King’s moldy Whopper advertisement, but I found the following considerations extremely valuable – it’s Jenni Romaniuk, author of “Building Brand Distinctive Assets“, on LinkedIn.

Been thinking about the Burger King advertisement, and trying to avoid the rush to judgement without evidence. There are some questions it raises for me, that I would ask before approving it: (a) how common is ‘has fewer additives or preservatives‘ thought as a Category Entry Point* (CEP) when someone is thinking about possible fast food options? (Note in my experience researching CEPs, ‘health’ messages are rarely one of the most common CEPs in the category) (b) if it is a desirable CEP to attach the brand to via advertising, is this creative a good way to embed this mental structure? That is, if a viewer gets a fragment of it, do they clearly and commonly think ‘Burger King is an option when I want fewer preservatives or additives‘. Or do they just think ‘yuck’ that big whopper looks gross?

Jenni Romaniuk, LinkedIn

Well, the latter was my case. Not sure about yours.

* Note: about CEP

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