SVOD kills the TV stars


With the new report “Mind the Gap” Ebiquity plc has refined 2019 UK figures about TV consumption and advertising effectiveness on video platforms.

The new data suggests there will be a slight increase in the number of people aged over 55 that linear TV advertising will impact in 2022 (vs. what was declared in 2018). But in younger demographics that impact has started a more dramatical decline than Ebiquity initially projected, in favour of platforms like YouTube and SVOD (Subscription Video on Demand, eg. Netflix and Amazon).

Quoting directly from the Ebiquity report,

“TV remains the best option for brands to build mass audiences at scale”

Ebiquity, Mind the Gap report, Feb 2020

(well, assuming you can afford it and it resonates with your target audience).

But it is more visible today than ever that if your target audience is individuals in their 20s or even teens, then TV is no longer the force it once was. The full report is here.

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