Measuring SOV on LinkedIn?


Interesting post on LinkedIn, questioning how to calculate SOV (Share of Voice) on LinkedIn. Answer from LinkedIn folks:

Great question. The short answer is that today this is a custom report, so you’d have to ask your LinkedIn account representative to pull SOV for you. In the near future I believe this will be freely available in the Campaign Manager dashboard (@Elise Georis, the mastermind working on this…). 

The longer answer is that marketers really need to measure SOV holistically, across all platforms, in order to understand if you are spending enough relative to your market share. That’s the real challenge. Very few platforms can accurately report on SOV (we can, but we are only one platform). But it can be approximated via surveys and other tools. 

Increasingly I think an easier way to think about this is to compare two numbers: how many customers do you have, and how many customers are you reaching? You need to be reaching way more customers than you have in order to grow, since advertising is a weak influence that only pays off at scale. Those are easier numbers to determine, although it’s less empirically perfect than the SOV/SOM comparison. 

Peter Weinberg, LinkedIn B2B Institute

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