How To Measure Brand Effectiveness


Reporting from Linkedin – interesting conversation about measuring brand effectiveness, initiated by Peter Weinberg of LinkedIn’s B2B Institute.

How do you measure brand effectiveness? My best attempt at an answer:

  1. Econometrics: You need to be reporting on business metrics (market share, pricing power, profit margins). You need a “hold-out” market where you don’t run any brand campaigns to see what happens. I’m sure there are limitations to econometrics, but at a minimum it requires marketers to start tracking real CFO-worthy financial metrics.
  2. In Target Reach: Did you reach category buyers based on panel/survey data?
  3. SOV (Share Of Voice): Are you reaching more buyers than your competitors?
  4. Frequency: Are you reaching lots of buyers once or one buyer lots of times?
  5. Cut Through: Do buyers remember seeing your ad? (*)
  6. Correct Branding: Do buyers who remember your ad attribute it to your brand? (*)
  7. Likability Testing: Do buyers like your ad on a 1-5 likability scale? (*)
  8. Messaging: Can buyers articulate the key message in the ad? (*)
  9. Acquisition Lifts: Did your lead-gen metrics improve?

Note: another interesting article on the same topic: Establish KPIs that grows brand equity (Kantar, Admap)

(*) Disclaimer: these four ideas are stolen from conversations with Professor Jenni Romaniuk, who is the world’s foremost expert on this topic…

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