Brand’s Share of Search


Tom Roach’s articles mentioned on my previous post brings another interesting topic – in addition to the need of balancing short-term and long-term approaches.

The topic is Share of Search.

And Google believe ‘share of search’ may reflect brand health and market share for brands in some categories. Les Binet is doing some great work looking at whether a brand’s Share of Google Search can predict its market share (initial findings in several categories are extremely promising).

Tom Roach, A&EDDB

Tom clarifies: further research is needed, but monitoring a brand’s share of search could also help narrow the divide that exists in marketing between ‘brand’ and ‘performance’ marketers: it could be a rare example of a metric nearly everyone can get behind.

Because ‘brand’ marketers instinctively know that brand search behaviour is often reflective of a brand’s fame and mental availability, and know that investing in mass reach communication can be an effective way to improve it. And ‘performance’ marketers of course know brand search is a hugely important source of traffic and conversion.

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