LinkedIn is not different from other social platforms


LinkedIn is not different from Facebook or Twitter – free speech on private platforms unfortunately is a myth. A few cases, from this week’s LinkedIn’s chronicles.

  • Nandini Jammi has been banned from the platform for using their name pronunciation feature to say “Deloitte has over $100 million in contracts with ICE.” Which is a fact and so it shouldn’t be objectionable.
  • Evidence of removal and perceived suppression of content around issues affecting the Black community, the widespread abuse against Black professionals by White men and women on the site that goes noticeably unchecked is growing. The full story is here. And here. So many cases listed…
  • The previous post has been taken and expanded by NYT, here (working: paywall).

And this, one more time, shows with no doubts what the the real nature of social platforms is.

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