A new company site


Not so many folks outside the marketing space know what it really takes to redesign, integrate, re-platform, and completely rewrite a company website. We started the project nearly 9 months ago. How to integrate sites coming from our 2019 acquisitions, with different styles, copies, brand identities, UXs? Soon we decided to start all over again.

Two weeks ago we announced the new rockcontent.com website. Three languages (how many other SaaS content providers you remember with site and offering in multiple languages?), +8M monthly visitors, a mini-site dedicated to our company values and social-impact initiatives, templates and resources for marketers, and a strong focus on content experience solutions for mid-size and large enterprises.

A web redesign project is an endless project. We’re now reviewing and fixing small issues and building four new product mini-sites coming before the end of Q1.

It’s my first multi-language web redesign project and a new exciting phase for our company.

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