Reddit’s Rise: Navigating the Shifting Landscape of Experiential Content


When I analyse my iPhone Screen Time feature it’s evident that Reddit is among the top platforms I spend time with, closely following LinkedIn (keeping that professional game strong) and Safari (exploring the vast digital unknown). This isn’t so surprising, given my deliberate decision to ditch the depressing negativity of X/ex-Twitter (thanks, Elon) and after fully shutting down other platforms.

The landscape of information consumption is undergoing a fascinating transformation. Users are increasingly seeking enriched experiences over simple answers, a trend reflected in the surprising surge of Reddit on Google search results.

A few weeks ago, I discussed the possibilities of 2024 and Google’s efforts to safeguard its position against the rise of AI-generated content. Feeling the competition from AI rivals like ChatGPT, the search giant is making a significant move: shifting its focus from providing answers to creating enriching experiences. This isn’t merely tweaking algorithms; it signifies a fundamental shift in how Google perceives its role in the information landscape.

The transition towards experiential content becomes notably clear in June 2023, with Reddit experiencing a substantial surge in search result visibility.

The catalyst for Reddit’s growth lies in its unique ability to curate real-life experiences through engaging discussions. Unlike platforms optimized for quick answers, Reddit fosters communities where users share stories, insights, and perspectives, forming invaluable repositories of collective knowledge. A quick look at Semrush data paints a telling picture: Reddit’s Page 1 rankings skyrocketed from 9.4 million keywords in January 2023 to a staggering 31.3 million just one year later.

Source: Semrush

Ann Smarty well summarized the situation:

As the web is inundated with AI-generated content, Reddit is poised to be one of the few sources of first-hand experiences with any entity (places, products, tools, etc.), largely thanks to its manual volunteer-based moderation model, its biggest asset. No other giant on the web has such a dedicated community of moderators (not even Wikipedia). This is probably why Google is featuring it more prominently in search.

Ann Smarty


The implications of this shift are profound. Platforms that can nurture authentic user experiences – whether through curated narratives, interactive elements, or fostering vibrant communities – stand to gain a significant advantage in the future of information discovery.

Reddit’s success is a testament to this, offering valuable lessons for businesses across industries. In December 2023, Business Insider reported that Reddit is planning to launch its long-awaited IPO in 2024, targeting a valuation of $15 billion.

Back in 2019, Reddit was a more lawless platform, hosting leaked celebrity nudes and disturbing gore content, which, while driving engagement, was detrimental to brand safety and subsequent ad spend. To address this and pave the way for an IPO, Reddit implemented stricter moderation requirements, leading to the closure of thousands of the platform’s most offensive subreddits. Although Reddit’s overall audience shrank, it became a more sanitized and safer platform, resulting in a significant increase in ad spend.

With Google placing experiences at the center of its algorithm, marketers need to realign their strategies. Exploring new avenues, such as Reddit, might be a prudent move. A gradual approach is required. Start by organically building your presence: actively participate in relevant threads, contribute valuable insights, and foster genuine connections. As your community grows, consider leveraging Reddit’s ad platform to amplify your reach and impact.

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