MarTech country landscapes


MartechTribe’s new country figures pretty well resonate with my personal experience – not data, but empirical observations based on my direct experience with clients and prospects in Europe in the last few years.

  • Belgium has a focus on creating Social & Relationships and Data-management software.
  • Italy seems to focus more on Advertising & Promotions, as well as Social & Relationships. In general terms, Italy has an obsession with Social and tactical channels. Content, experience and strategy are still largely neglected.
  • The Netherlands has a strong focus on building Content & Experience tools. From a Content perspective, this is the most sophisticated country in Europe, after the UK.
  • New Zealand has a focus on Content & Experience too, but also plays strongly in Management.
  • Spain seems to have a balanced spread across all categories.
  • Switzerland has embraced the development of Management software.
MarTech supergraphics by country – by MartechTribe

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