Coronavirus: here is what I’ll do.


The Italian lockdown, while understandably is the best measure the country could have taken to slow down the virus outbreak, has left me overwhelmed with emotions. Because Italy is my country and because my entire family live in Italy, spread all around the peninsula. And now the UK, where I live, is moving toward a similar direction – with more confusing measures, but with a similar anxiety. 

Stuck at home in London, I’ve been trying to figure out what could be my contribution – in addition to supporting local communities, businesses and hospitals. Unfortunately I’m not an epidemiologist, neither a doctor. Marketing is the only discipline I can help with. And so here is what I’ll do. 

I’d like to offer pro-bono video/calls to all small businesses (they are the most affected) that:

  • Need brand strategy advise
  • Want to learn about content marketing/strategy
  • Want to implement a content marketing model 
  • Need advise about how to start writing, where to publish, how to distribute content
  • Need help with a SEO strategy
  • Need any kind of digital marketing advise

It’s not a lot and it won’t safe lives. But it might help to be better prepared for the moment when this situation will be over (because it will be over). If you are interested, just DM or email me.

And be safe.

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