[Updated] Marketing in the time of Coronavirus


In a fast-moving global crisis such as the current coronavirus pandemic, brands have an important role to play. This is probably not the best list if you need a break from the current situation; but it’s an interesting collection of articles analysing different aspects of our discipline (marketing) in a difficult time like the one we’re living.

Similarweb Coronavirus Data & Insights Hub. Via Similarweb.

Marketing in the time of Covid-19. By Mark Ritson, on Marketing Week. A significative quote:

If there is one major marketing challenging now facing most big brands it is what to do with their newly slashed marketing budget. If you’ve just lost half of it, the temptation is to dump it all into shorter-term performance marketing and sales promotions. That would be an error. No amount of hot deals and clever sales activation can stimulate a market that is currently terrified, locked inside their homes and unsure of their future. Confronted with a 50% cut in marketing budgets, the smarter play is to actually focus more of it on the longer-term brand-building mission. Performance marketing is going to underperform in the current market conditions. But this virus, too, shall pass. At some point consumers will return to the streets, the cafes and the various other activities that they have been denied during the dark days ahead. Keep the brand light burning, because the cost of snuffing it out for the rest of 2020 and then trying to reignite it next year is gigantic.

Coronavirus Economic Impact: Market Winners and Losers of COVID-19. SEO data evidence, via SEMRush.

Majority of Marketers Delaying Campaigns As Coronavirus Fears Escalate, via Marketing Week

A freelancer’s guide to Coronavirus downturn. Jobs, resources and support networks for freelancers. Via The Drum.

Coronavirus is the Black Swan CEOs Have Been Dreading. Via Medium. (But Nassim Taleb don’t consider the virus being a Black Swan, via YouTube)

OpenTable on Restaurant Impact From COVID-19. Including a detailed Country/State/City level data sheet.

Marketers delaying campaigns as coronavirus fears escalate. As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to cause global uncertainty, marketers are delaying campaigns, reviewing budgets and pausing product launches. Via Marketing Week.

Brand Moves Roundup. How some notable brands are tackling this challenge. Via Brandchannel.com.

SEO and the Coronavirus update. How the Covid-19 is affecting the organic traffic of healthy websites. Via ILoveSEO.

Implications for business. McKinsey’s perspective on the evolving situation and implications for their companies.

Coronavirus: what it actually means for sponsors if 2020’s biggest events are disrupted. Well, the title is self-explanatory. Via The Drum.

How Coronavirus Is Creating A Watershed Moment For Remote Work. Via Forbes.

Coronavirus Fears May Drive U.S. E-Commerce Sales Beyond 2020 Projections. Self-quarantines and emerging consumer worry about public places will provide opportunities for the e-commerce business to thrive over the next few months. Via Forbes.

Coronavirus will impact ad spend but could drive shift to utility, e-commerce and live-streaming. Via The Drum.

Why Amazon can’t stop coronavirus price gougers. Packs of Purell hand sanitizer are as high as $350 on Amazon, and the company is struggling to deal with the problem. Via Vox.com.

Coronavirus won’t hurt Corona, it will actually boost sales. (via Marketing Week, but under paywall)

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