2020 Marketing Technology Landscape

MarTech Landscape

More than 8000 marketing software solutions. It’s the new marketing technology landscape. While my first tech nerd reaction to the new map was a ‘oh, wow!‘ my second thought was ‘well, and now what?‘. It forces marketers to be process, data and tech-savvy, but it put martech vendors in an interesting situation – how can we be visible and stand out from the crowd?

Love the comment from my friend and marketing veteran G (aka Geraint Holliman) on LinkedIn:

As a marketing tech nerd myself it is clearly a fascinating expression of the recent explosion in the market. But what do normal, time-pressed, budget-limited, senior leadership-burdened marketers do with it? If you’ve got a content problem looking at the 1,900 or so content solutions on the landscape is not going to answer the CEO’s question ‘yes, but how will this technology add value to my balance sheet or accelerate my cash flow?’ Like any marketing problem the solution lies in having a coherent, scalable and evidence-based process that systematically builds on the capabilities and capacities of your business. I have been banging this drum for (too!) many years: marketing as a function needs to become more systematic, more process-driven, more evidence-based. A marketer’s approach to their martech stack needs to be configured in exactly the same way – not by shiny disaggregated solutions chosen independently of each other with no clear strategic road map for enhancing customer value.

G on LinkedIn

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