Marketing & communications at the time of a crisis – my CMA webinar


Coronavirus is forcing marketers to re-evaluate their strategies during the crisis and it looks increasingly certain that it will bring an exogenous recession in 2020-2021.

While no two downturns are exactly alike we can learn from past marketing and branding strategies. How should we communicate to our customers? What marketing strategies should we use to survive a recession so that our brand will thrive when it ends?

My last webinar has navigated and summarised a few researches and presented a series of suggestions and examples of how to pivot your marketing during the crisis, and how to return to “normal” after.

Specifically here are the topics covered:

  • The SOV (Share of Voice) principle and why it is so important during a recession
  • Why brands shouldn’t go dark
  • Digital content experiences are on the rise
  • Focus on brand building or activation?
  • The role of emotions

Here is the deck presented today at Content Marketing Association’s Webinar Series. Huge thanks to Rob John & The Content Marketing Association for having me as a presenter.

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