Branding and Activation: a two-speed marketing model


Full presentation deck from my yesterday’s live show on YouTube. The deck can be downloaded here. Probably the best branding summary I’ve created so far.

Short description below.

In a bit more than 3 hrs I will live stream to discuss how to build a brand (online). It’s still a controversial topic and many marketing myths still persist – just search LinkedIn for ‘loyalty’ or ‘storytelling’ as the new panacea.

We will approach the topic starting from the science and we will present some of the foundational theories of branding. Then we will move away from today’s marketing beliefs and we will clarify which strategies we should adopt instead. Finally we will propose a “two-speed” marketing framework.

Not a new research but a summary of the last yrs of discussions about branding and activation, loyalty and penetration, engagement and reach, storytelling strategies.

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