SEO at the time of Coronavirus


Great article by Gianluca Fiorelli, this morning. Now, considering that Italy is just a couple of weeks ahead of other European countries in term of the Covid-19 crisis, I think his analysis and recommendations could be useful to all of us.

SEO alone, obviously, cannot save a website from a situation of almost 0 revenue that is caused by an uncontrollable external reason like Covid-19. However, as a good Star Wars fan, I believe that “Rebellions are built on hope”, and SEO can contribute to building this hope. It is common sense that when the Coronavirus crisis will end (because it will end), people will return probably stronger to desire traveling, especially after having been obliged to not leave their towns for a long period. SEO is all about the long period, so what we can do now is working for that day, improving the overall quality of the website and making it improve in its organic visibility already. Now it won’t probably mean more traffic and more revenues for everything I explained before, but it will mean instant visibility after, especially when the situation will return to normality.

Gianluca Fiorelli, I Love SEO

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