A personal list: companies that treat employees or customers like shit during Coronavirus pandemic


This list doesn’t pretend to be comprehensive (sigh) and has no other objective of being just a very personal collection – and a subset of my longer article about Content Experience evolution during and after the Coronavirus crisis. This way I will remember, when everything will be over.

Note: someone had a much better idea.

  1. Mr. Branson and Virgin Atlantic. Mr. Branson asking 8500 employees of Virgin Atlantic to take 8 weeks unpaid leave.
  2. Amazon/Whole Foods. Owned by Jeff Bezos, Whole Foods Wants Workers to Pay for Colleagues’ Sick Leave During Coronavirus Pandemic
  3. Waterstones. Employees requested to work after the UK lockdown, with no hand sanitiser and no protective gear.
  4. Ryanair. Happily increasing cost of rebooked flights.
  5. Wetherspoon. The billionaire CEO insisting he cannot afford to pay employees during the Covid-19 crisis until the company will be reimbursed for their wages by the UK government.
  6. Sports Direct. Requests employees to work after the UK lockdown; then hikes the price of some of its sports equipment online after the closure.
  7. EasyJet. EasyJet asks staff to accept zero pay for three months while bosses take just 20% cut.

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